Electrical Work

Electrical Work

We offer our clients with complete Electrical Works at competitive prices. We are offering a qualitative range of electrical installations services, electrical installations, wiring work of residential and commercial projects, which are available in a flawless manner. These installations are available to fulfil the requirement of electrical areas.

We provide Electrical Wiring Services in buildings and structures of all types. Our skilled technicians use advanced machinery to provide these services in an effective manner. We bring forth comprehensive electrical services that help us in meeting the wiring requirements.

List of our electrical work offerings :

  • Transformer Installation & Commissioning
  • ST & LT Cable Laying & Termination
  • L T Panel Installation
  • All Type Electrical Industrial Cabling & Wiring
  • All Type Electrical Commercial Cabling & Wiring
  • All Type Residential Complex Electrical Cabling & Wiring
  • PWD Passing High Rise Bldg. Passing
  • Meter Liasioning & Commissioning
  • UPS Installation &Commissioning
  • Electrical Megar Testing
  • Earthing Oms Testing
  • ACDB Installation
  • AVR Installation
  • DG Installation & Commissioning

Role of an Electrical Contractor :

There are different types of electrical contractors, with several areas of specialty. Line contractors work primarily outdoors with high voltages. They may work with power stations to ensure that the connections between the source of energy and homes and businesses are working efficiently. Meanwhile, inside electricians work within the boundaries of a house, office block, or other commercial building. They can help with cable design, installation of electrical systems, and ongoing maintenance as required. There are many other areas of expertise within the electrical contracting sector, such as wireless networks, energy efficient electrical installation, backup power possibilities, and more. We offer almost all of them.