Telecom Work

Telecom Work

Telecom is an indispensable part of our lives. This technological dependency also brings along with it, a gamut of processes before making the connectivity between peoples living at a distance, possible in a click. All the network connectivity; visible and invisible; are connected through cables and wires. To sum it up, we can say that the world is covered with a network of wires, which seems a lot simple when said so.

Installation of the optical fiber cable is a collection of tasks in the network and telecommunication industry. But that’s not all. Our jobs as contractors go even further, showing how we play the lead role even beyond installation.

The next level of operations and maintenance of these fiber networks is equally important in providing a seamless connectivity to the end user. At an organizational level, we have mastered the art of maintaining any stretch of cable that goes underground or aerial. The operation and maintenance of the Optical Fiber Cables is based on minimum down time and maximum safety at site.

We are established enough to take the AMC business on the back of our skilled man power and credibility with our clients. Radianz provides both Preventive maintenance and Corrective maintenance services to clients for wired (Optical Fiber) and wireless lines.

The list of of our telcom service offerings is as below:

  • BTS Installation & Commissioning
  • Routers / Switch Installation & commissioning
  • Optical fiber laying and splicing
  • Rolling out of Copper and fiber cable networking
  • Trenching and ducting
  • Chamber / Manhole installation work
  • Enterprises / retail customer maintenance
  • Installation of emprises and retail customers links
  • Acceptance Testing